How does it work?
The projector is truly plug and play. It comes with a slight charge - be sure to not look directly at it - and is ready try straight out of the box. For best results, charge it up or plug it in directly to a USB charger and charging block. To use the machine, just position the gem towards the ceiling. Turn it on via the sensitive power button and you're ready to go! You can also control the projector remotely using the app, Smart Life, which is available for free download on the Apple App store or Google Play store.

How many different layers of nebula projections does it have?
On top of the stars and moons, the nebula can seamlessly cycle or hold on these 6 color options: Red, Pink, Teal, Blue, Green, or even Mixed. Combine colors and stars for over 15 different swirling effects.

Is the Planetarium dangerous?
Not at all. Our products are 100% safe, and have been RoHS and CE certified to prove it. The unit is comprised of 3 separate elements: the moon/nebula light projector and the star laser projector. These "lasers" are well under 1mW (Class I), safe for any eyes. Even still, we never recommend looking directly into the light during use.

Is the NeonMoon™ Home Planetarium voice-activated?
Yes, if you have Amazon Alexa or Google Home to use. You can also use the touch-sensitive buttons for manual control. You can also tap the mic button on the device to launch the MUSICSENSE™ mode, and the projector will listen to the music in the environment and flash to rhythm of what it hears.

Does the sky projection move?
Yes! The neon moon projection moves and cycles through 4 modes of swirling movement for the nebulas. The stars are in a fixed position to promote relaxation instead of getting dizzy. 

Is my payment secure?
All payments made on our website are secured with 256-bit encryption. In addition, we proudly offer a secure checkout with Paypal as well! 

Is the shipping really free?
Shipping is 100% free - consider it our gift to you. 

Questions about something not covered here? Contact us and ask us - we'd love to help. 

Truly Portable

The NeonMoon™ Galaxy Light is designed as USB-powered and is fully rechargeable, with one charge granting up to 4 hours of vivid color.

No batteries to buy, ever!

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