NeonMoon™ Home Planetarium

NeonMoon™ Home Planetarium

NeonMoon™ Home Planetarium

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All of Space, in your pocket.Which room will you try it in first?

TheNeonMoon™ Home Planetarium system is an all-in-one USB-rechargeable galaxy and portable planetarium for your home.

Transform any room into an otherworldly retreat of stars, color, light, and ocean-like nebulas. Set the vibe to any space and relax into an infinity of stars.

Product in High Demand: We are currently working hard to fill our new orders during the Coronavirus pandemic. Our goal is to get your projector in your hands in two weeks or less for US folks.

Thanks to all of our customers - you are making a big differencetoour small business, and we couldn't get through this without your support!:)

Truly Portable

The NeonMoon™ Galaxy Light is designed as USB-powered and is fully rechargeable, with one charge granting up to 4 hours of vivid color.

No batteries to buy, ever!

Happy Cadets Only

When you truly enjoy something, you'll share it with others. That's why we want you to love your NeonMoon™ Galaxy Light.

If you're not happy with your product, contact our team so that we can take care of you.

Ships from the USA

Your NeonMoon™ Galaxy Light ships fast from our USA warehouse.

No more waiting 60+ days to receive your order from overseas distributors - we live in the US (Hello from Portland)!

Best Return Policy Out There

Try our planetarium for 60 days in home, risk free.

If your projector stops working within 60 days of delivery, contact our top-notch Customer Care team so that we can process a return.